Includes the following processes as required.

  • Stripdown & clean in ultrasonic bath.
  • Replace electrolytic capacitors using 105 deg. type if appropriate.
  • Replace wax paper capacitors with polyester type.
  • Replace unreliable germanium transistor with upgraded type.
  • Valves tested and replaced if necessary.
  • Clean all controls and replace if faulty or intermittent.
  • Check high value resistors and replace as necessary.
  • Clean, repair and adjust push button mechanism.
  • Full RF alignment.
  • Soak test.

Classic Car Radio Upgrades

As Repair, above, plus any of the following:

  • FM and DAB invisible conversion.
  • Radio uses existing controls. No external unit required.
  • Can be easily removed to restore radio to original condition.
  • MP3 interface on flylead for iPhone etc. or
  • Bluetooth/USB conversion allowing full phone interface.
  • Solid state reliable replacement for valve radio vibrators.
  • Conversions use Aurora Design Products.
  • For more information please see
  • Three levels of upgrade available from £195. Please use contact form for details.

Classic Car Radio Restoration

As repair, above, plus the following:

  • Chromium metal presentation parts replated.
  • Case refinished as original.
  • Control knobs refurbished.
  • All external leads replaced with new where practicable.
  • Suitable radios always needed and bought for stock.