Installations & Projects

Finished Installations and Work In Progress

One of the nicest finishing touches in any classic car restoration is to have the correct radio installed. In this section there are some typical, period correct radios installed in 50s, 60s and 70s classic British cars.

Below are some current projects which when completed will be for sale. These radios will be fully restored and not only will look and work as well as they did the day they left the factory but can also be upgraded and invisibly modernised. Upgrading is done in a way that can be easily removed allowing the radio to be returned to stock specification at any time in the future.

Historical Interest

During the 50s, Smiths, under brand names of Radiomobile and His Master’s Voice (HMV) used to exhibit their products at various trade exhibitions. Retail price maintenance was strictly in force at the time and dealers were not allowed to sell these radios at lower prices than the manufacturer’s list price.

Smiths made special display models of their radios with a transparent cover and more chrome plating than was used on the retail versions.

The first post-war production radios from Smiths were the Radiomobile Model 100 and Model 101. I have included some pictures of the prototype of the model 101 built in 1945/6, which is now in my collection. The 101 had manual tuning whereas when the Model 100 had push buttons.

I have included a couple of sample brochure pictures of the Model 100 and its installation in a Sunbeam Talbot 80/90. In 1949, this radio cost £30 including purchase tax. The purchasing power of £30 in 2020 is £1,067 so having a radio in your car in 1949 was very much of a luxury.

I am very grateful to Godfrey Miller for sourcing some of the other pictures in this section.